4 Data Analysis


Curve Fitting

Linear and Polynomial Fitting

Nonlinear Fitting

  • Nonlinear Curve Fit Tool
  • Nonlinear Fitting with System Function
  • Global Fitting with Parameter Sharing
  • Global Fit for Different Functions with Shared Parameters
  • Parameters Initialization using LabTalk in NLFit
  • User Defined Fitting Function
  • Fit Surface with User Defined Function
  • Fitting One Dataset as a Function of Other Datasets
  • Fitting With Multiple Independent Variables
  • User Defined Fitting Function using GNU Scientific Library
  • Fitting with NAG Special Function
  • Fitting Integral Function with parametric limit using NAG Library
  • Fitting with Integral using NAG Library
  • Fitting with Integral using LabTalk Function
  • Fitting with Two Integrals using LabTalk Function
  • Fitting with Summation
  • Fitting Complex Function
  • Fitting with Convolution
  • Quoting Built-in Functions in Your New Function
  • Fit Function with Non-constant Background
  • Fitting with Piecewise Functions
  • Fit Curve Through Certain Points
  • Distribution Fit with the Probability Density Function and Cumulative Distribution Function
  • Fitting Integral Function with a Sharp Peak
  • Fitting with a Piecewise Linear Function
  • Fitting with an Ordinary Differential Equation
  • Fitting with Convolution of Two Functions
  • Parameter Initialization for Rational Functions
  • Surface Fitting with Multiple Peaks
  • Nonlinear Multiple Variables Fitting
  • Modifying Derived Parameters in Build-in Functions
  • Fit Multiple Datasets by Fitting One and then Using Those Fit Parameters for Other Datasets
  • Implicit Fitting with Three Variables
  • Nonlinear fitting using Orthogonal Distance Regression
  • Signal Processing

    Peak Analysis

    Create and Subtract Baseline with Peak Analyzer

    Batch Peak Analysis Using Theme with Script Before Each Process

    Combine Quick Peaks Gadget with Peak Analyzer

    Peak Finding

    Peak Integration

    Peak Fitting

    Data Manipulation

    Setting Column Values

    Worksheet Data Operations

    Pivot Table

    Categorical Values Ordering and Sharing

    Analysis Templates

    Analysis Themes

    Batch Processing