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4.2 Curve Fitting

Linear and Polynomial Fitting

Nonlinear Fitting

  • Nonlinear Curve Fit Tool
  • Nonlinear Fitting with System Function
  • Global Fitting with Parameter Sharing
  • Global Fit for Different Functions with Shared Parameters
  • Parameters Initialization using LabTalk in NLFit
  • User Defined Fitting Function
  • Fit Surface with User Defined Function
  • Fitting One Dataset as a Function of Other Datasets
  • Fitting With Multiple Independent Variables
  • User Defined Fitting Function using GNU Scientific Library
  • Fitting with NAG Special Function
  • Fitting Integral Function with parametric limit using NAG Library
  • Fitting with Integral using NAG Library
  • Fitting with Integral using LabTalk Function
  • Fitting with Two Integrals using LabTalk Function
  • Fitting with Summation
  • Fitting Complex Function
  • Fitting with Convolution
  • Quoting Built-in Functions in Your New Function
  • Fit Function with Non-constant Background
  • Fitting with Piecewise Functions
  • Fit Curve Through Certain Points
  • Distribution Fit with the Probability Density Function and Cumulative Distribution Function
  • Fitting Integral Function with a Sharp Peak
  • Fitting with a Piecewise Linear Function
  • Fitting with an Ordinary Differential Equation
  • Fitting with Convolution of Two Functions
  • Parameter Initialization for Rational Functions
  • Surface Fitting with Multiple Peaks
  • Nonlinear Multiple Variables Fitting
  • Modifying Derived Parameters in Build-in Functions
  • Fit Multiple Datasets by Fitting One and then Using Those Fit Parameters for Other Datasets
  • Implicit Fitting with Three Variables
  • Nonlinear fitting using Orthogonal Distance Regression

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