6.5.4 Data Navigator

The Data Navigator is a collapsible panel that is automatically added to the workbook/matrix book when you connect to multi-page files such as Excel, MATLAB or Origin Projects.

Help data navigator overview.png
Data navigator overview matrix.png

Connect to Multi-page Files

  1. With a workbook or matrixbook active, click Data: Connect to File/Connector to Web and browse to your multi-page file.
  2. In the dialog that opens, select the data structure (sheet, array, etc.) that you want to import, then click OK button to close the Browser and import the selected sheet, array, etc.
  3. Open the Data Navigator panel (if it doesn't open).
  4. To import any unconnected sheet(s), array(s), etc to current workbook or matrixbook, right-click on the dimmed object(s) (Shift + click to select multiple item) in the Data Navigator panel and select desired menu item.
    Connect as New Sheet(s) Import selected object(s) as new sheet(s) by default settings.
    Connect by Duplicating Active Sheet Import selected object(s) as new sheet(s) by settings (including meta data handling, partial import, LabTalk scripts running after import, etc.) of the current sheet. Note that post import actions such as deleting some columns will also be remembered as current sheet settings.
    Add to Active Sheet append selected table(s) as new columns to current sheet by default import settings.

Example: Connect to Multi-page Excel File

  1. Start with a new workbook and choose Data: Connect to File: Excel.
  2. Browse to <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Import and Export\United States Energy (1980-2013).xls and click Open.
  3. Leave Excel Sheet = Oil and Main header lines = Auto. Note that Column Labels is also checked and Long Names = 1 and Units = 2 are auto-detected. Click OK to import data.
  4. To connect other sheets (e.g. Natural Gas), right-click on a dimmed sheet in the Navigator panel and choose Add and Connect Sheet(s).

OHelp Connect Excel Sheets.png

This adds a new Natural Gas tab to the workbook and connects to the data in the Excel sheet.

OHelp Connect Excel Sheets 2.png

Note: Data brought in using Connectors are locked from editing and will not be saved with the project file, by default, if the import file size ≥ 500kB. See these topics: