6.90 FAQ-1117 What is a "Home-use" Product Key and why is it expired?

Last Update: 3/9/2023

"I see two product keys in my OriginLab account, one marked as "Primary" and other as "Home-use". However, the "Home-use" key says "expired" on the status. Why?"

If you purchased one perpetual license with a Maintenance plan benefits package, you will see two types of Product Keys listed under your account. The "Primary" one is the permanent license you have purchased. And you are given the Home-use key as one of the Maintenance benefits. This key is running in conjunction with your Maintenance plan and thus will expire along with it.

To get the "Home-use" Product Key working again, please contact OriginLab to renew your Maintenance.

If you are outside of US/CANADA, please contact a local distributor

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