6.81 FAQ-1093 I see error message "Invalid Product Key" or "Cracked serial number" when activate Origin. What should I do?

Last Update: 10/25/2023

If you see following error messages when activate your Origin

Invalid Product Key Failed to activate. Cracked serial number detected.
Invalid PK Err1.png Invalid PK Err2.png

Please double check if you installed Origin with the correct serial number by selecting the Help: About Origin menu item.

  • If the About Origin dialog displays a Serial Number, and it is not the same number you received from OriginLab, please follow the instructions on this quick help page to correct it.
  • If the About Origin dialog does not display a Serial Number and displays "License Type: Trial" instead, please uninstall Origin, and follow the instructions you received from OriginLab to install it again. Make sure you select the "Install Product (requires serial number)" option, and not the "Install Origin(Pro) Trial" option.

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