6.71 FAQ-1003 Why Can't Origin Connect to the Internet to Check for Updates, etc?

Last Update: 1/30/2023

If you experience issues in any of the following areas:

  • Get Help Files/Check for Updates.
  • App Center and downloading or updating Apps.
  • Updating Learning Center.
  • Using Data Connectors for importing data from the internet.

It may be related to the use of a proxy server on your network. Many organizations employ proxy servers to route certain network through a controlled portal. By default, Origin may not follow proxy server settings and thus may be blocked from the performing internet-related activities required for various features.

Starting with Origin 2019, you can change Origin's proxy server settings to see if that resolves the issues:

  1. Select Preferences: Options... menu (Tools:Options... menu in Origin 2019).
  2. In the Options dialog, navigate to the Miscellaneous tab.
  3. In the Proxy control group, there are three options:
    • Direct Connection bypasses any proxy servers- Origin attempts to connect directly to the target.
    • Use System Configuration employs the same proxy server settings typically used by web browsers and many other network-oriented softwares on your system.
    • Use HTTP Proxy Server allows a hard-coded proxy server IP address and port to be specified.
      If you use a proxy server that requires authentication, use syntax:
      [username]:[password]@[server name|server ip]:[port]

      If the username or password contains "Percent-encoding reserved characters", replace them with percent-encoding ones (Note: percent-encoding is supported from Origin 2021b). For example, if username = user@a.com, password = pwd, server name = proxy and port = 3129 you should write


It is strongly suggested that you first select the Use System Configuration option to see if that resolves the issues (you must restart Origin for the new setting to take effect). If that does not resolve the issues, you may have to enter a hard-coded proxy server address and port into Use HTTP Proxy Server (also restarting afterwards). You should consult with your IT department about the proper address and port to use.

If making these changes in Origin still does not resolve the issues, your Windows or antivirus firewall may be blocking Origin. In this case, you should consult the documentation for the relevant firewall for methods to allow Origin traffic to pass through.

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