6.95 FAQ-1123 When I connect to server, I see an error message saying "Origin cannot contact your FLEXlm server". What should I do?

Last Update: 9/20/2022

If you see following error message when connect your Origin to the license server:

Origin cannot contact your FLEXlm server

LicStatus161 1123.png

  • If the error code is any other value than License Status: 161,

There must be some network connection problem between the FLEXlm server and client machine. Please refer to this page to fix the connection problem.

  • If the error code is License Status: 161,

It is caused by site restriction. Your serial number is for 1 site. That means the client computers must be in the same site as the server computer.

If you want to run Origin in a different site from your license server, please contact us.

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