6.74 FAQ-1074 Common Licensing Error Codes

Last Update: 3/14/2021

An Error Code (LastErr: ###) may appear during Origin use. Please look at the list below to find the error code you encountered.

ErrorCode Lic.png

LastErr: 2     Can't Connect to OriginLab License Server - please try again later

LastErr: 3     No licenses available for the Product Key

LastErr: 4     Product Key is for older version of OriginLab

LastErr: 5     Product Key is Expired

LastErr: 109 Computer Name/Computer ID is not correct

LastErr: 110 Need latest Origin service release version

LastErr: 122 Could not read regid.lic file

LastErr: 160 Computer not in the same Timezone as Server

LastErr: 161 Product Key being used in the wrong Timezone

LastErr: 164 Version of Windows is Not Compatible

LastErr: 165 Product Key being used on the wrong computer

LastErr: 170 Product Key is for older version of OriginLab

LastErr: 171 expiring lic with maintenance date expired

LastErr: 402 Software installed with wrong admin permissions

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