10.1.1 Magnifying or Zooming In on a Portion of the Graph

Video Image.png See more related video:Zoom and Scroll Inside Graph Layer

Origin provides a number of tools and methods for zooming or panning your graph. Two methods of particular interest will enlarge a portion of your 2D graph and send it to a secondary graph:

  • Origin's Zoom Graph creates an interactive two-panel graph in which a movable, resizeable "region-of-interest" in the primary panel generates a an enlarged view in a secondary panel.
  • You can use the Scale In button Button Zoom In Tool.png to copy an enlarged portion of your 2D graph to a new window. This will also work on any graph that has multiple linked layers as long as the layers are overlapped and share a common axis (% of Linked Layer has Left/Top set to 0 and Width/Height set to 100, plus Straight (1 to 1) linking to the parent layer).
    1. With a graph active, press CTRL then click the Scale In button Button Zoom In Tool.png (Tools toolbar) and drag out a rectangle(ROI) on your 2D graph.
    2. Note that this Enlarged graph is dynamic. Move or resize the rectangle on your original graph and the Enlarged graph is updated.
    3. To remove the rectangle from your original graph and simultaneously delete the enlarged graph window, select the rectangle and press Delete.
      Scale In Enlarged.png
    Note: You are allowed to add multiple ROI boxes on the graph, then multiple enlarged graph windows will show to zoom in these ROI regions.
    Scale In Enlarged MultipleWindows.png
  • You use the mini toolbar buttons to zoom in the region(s).
    Scale In Enlarged MT.png

Additional Information

  • For more information on Zooming, Panning and Scaling your graph see this page.
  • For an overview of hotkeys for zooming, panning and rescaling graphs, see Zooming, Panning or Rescaling in the Origin User Guide.