8.3.10 Selection Region to Zoom

When the cursor is on Pointer mode Button Pointer.png, select a rectangle region (red border) inside a graph layer, then the Mini Toolbar will show and supply Scale In and Enlarge to Separate Graph tools.

Selection Region to Zoom.png

Scale In

  • Selecting the Scale In button Popup Scale In.png in the Mini Toolbar, the graph layer will be scaled in the selected region.
  • To roll back to original scale, you can select Edit: Undo Zoom In/Out in the menu, or press Ctrl + Z to undo the previous action.
Selection Region Scale In 01.gif
  • In the graph with multiple layers, when you apply scale in a layer, other layers will follow this action.
Selection Region Scale In 02.gif

Enlarge to Separate Graph

  • Selecting the Enlarge to Separate Graph button Popup Enlarge to Separate Graph.png in the Mini Toolbar, it will add a new graph window named Enlarged for the selected region.
  • When drag and drop the rectangle region, the scale of the new graph window will auto update.
  • Delete the rectangle region in the original graph, the new graph window will be deleted too.
Enlarge to Separate Graph.gif