9.6.6 The (Plot Details) Outliers Tab

Controls on this tab are used to customize the style properties of Outliers and Extreme Values in the Box plot.
Origin defines 3*IQR>Outliers>1.5*IQR , and Extreme Values >3*IQR

  • For Outliers, Auto means following the setting in Symbol tab.
  • For Extreme Values, Auto means following the setting of Outliers.

Outliers Tab.png

See (Plot Details) Box Tab documentation for information on outliers and designation of special points.


Uncheck Auto checkbox, click the down arrow button, then you can select the desired symbol shape from the symbol gallery that opens. Beginning with Origin 2022, this includes User-defined symbols added to the Options dialog Graph tab.


Set the point size for all symbols in the drop-down list.

Edge Color

Set the edge color for all symbols.

Fill Color

Set the fill color for all symbols. Note that some symbol types in the gallery do not have a separate fill color and use the edge color for fill or have no fill color.


This controls percentile symbols transparency. Move the slider or enter an integer from 0 to 100 in the combination box. Note that 0 means the percentile symbols is not transparent at all, and 100 means the percentile symbols is fully transparent.

When Follow Line Transparency or Follow Outliers Transparency is checked, the transparency of the percentile symbols will be the same as that of the line or outliers.