8.3.10 Fitting Page to Layers and Layers to Page

If you are exporting graphs to image files or to the Clipboard for embedding in other applications, be sure to see the Export Margin Offsets dialog box page.

Fitting Page to Layers

The Fit Page to Layers dialog is useful for removing unwanted white space from outside the graph layers. For instance, you might have the following graph that you want to embed in an office document but you don't want the extra white space at the top and bottom of the page.

DB pfit2l 1.png

To open the Fit Page to Layers (pfit2l) dialog, choose Graph: Fit Page to Layers from the main menu.


  • This command is duplicated on the Format menu.
  • You can use the short-cut key Ctrl+Shift+E to fit page to layer with last-used dialog theme without opening the dialog.

Input Graph

Specify the input graph whose margins are to be adjusted.

Margin Control

Specify how to determine the margin for the page.

  • Border
    Match the page size to that of the bounding box plus add the border that is specified in the Border combination box (see below). Here, the bounding box is determined by the smallest rectangular box required to completely encompass all objects on the graph page.
  • Tight
    Match the page size to that of the bounding box.

For more information see the Copy Export Page Settings Group, Margin Control.

Border Width

This combination box is enabled only when Border is selected for Margin Control . You can use it to specify amount of border to add. The value is in percentage of the width of the bounding box.

Adjust Direction Specify the direction to adjust the layer.
Include All Graph Objects Include all graph objects(including the objects attached to graph page) when fit the page size to the layers. By default, this check box is checked.

Fitting Layers to Page

Use the Fit Layers to Page dialog to:

  • Remove unwanted white space around the outside of your graph layers.
  • Adjust all graph layers and layer-contained objects to fit into the graph page.
  • Adjustments can be made with or without maintaining layer aspect ratio.
DB gfitp 1.png

To open the Fit Layers to Page (gfitp) dialog box choose Graph: Fit Layers to Page. Note that the menu command is only available for 2D graphs.

Margin (% of page size, such as 2 or 5)

Adds a buffer around the layers when adjusting layer size to fit the area defined by the Tight in Page setting.

Maintain Layer Aspect Ratios

Check the box to maintain layer aspect ratios; otherwise, relative dimensions may change to accommodate the Tight in Page requirement.

Objects can be attached to the layer or they can be attached to the graph page. Layer-attached objects are moved by Fit Layers to Page. Page-attached objects are not. If you have objects lying slightly outside the graph page and you want them included when you Fit Layers to Page, right-click on the object, choose Properties and on the Programming tab, modify the Attach to setting.

You may also be able to make use of the LabTalk page.autosize property when these conditions are met.

If you are resizing Radar (Spider) plots with this dialog, selecting the Maintain Layer Aspect Ratios gives a better result.