2.1 FAQ-348 How can I specify the Long Name, Short Name and Comments of the worksheet?

Last Update: 7/24/2018

To edit worksheet Short Name, Long Name and Comments, right-click the sheet tab and select Name and Comments. Enter or edit the Short Name, Long Name and Comments. Use the Sheet Name to Show drop-down list to control which name shows on the tab (default is Short Name). After making changes, click OK to close the dialog. The Short Name, Long Name and Comments are visible when you mouse over the worksheet tab.

Note: While the Name and Comments dialog box is open, Undo (CTRL+Z) is supported. For example, to return to the previous Short Name, highlight the text and press CTRL+Z.

Note: If you need to rename or add comments on multiple sheets, in Origin 2018, you can right click any sheet and choose Navigate... context menu to open Navigate Worksheets dialog. Edit Name, Long name and Comments of multiple sheets in one dialog.

Name comments.png

For guidelines on naming sheets, see Naming Workbooks, Worksheets and Columns

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