2.43 FAQ-479 What is a Sparkline and how do I customize it?

Last Update: 7/16/2018

Sparkline is a term coined by Edward Tufte[1]. The term refers to a small graph that illustrates data content and can usefully be included in a document. You can add a small graphical image (line plot, box chart or histogram) to the column heading of any worksheet column containing numeric data. Highlight the column(s) and select Column: Add or Update Sparklines. A dialog will open where you can choose to plot Y columns against their associated X column, Plot Y Against X. This box is unchecked, so by default all columns (including X columns) will be plotted against the worksheet row index. For more information on the sparkline dialog, please see the X-Function help file for sparklines.

Sparkine 600px SZ.png

Adding sparklines to your worksheet, allows you to quickly view the shape or distribution of the data across many columns in a sheet without having to create graph windows. Each sparkline object is in fact an embedded graph which can be brought up for editing by double-clicking on the sparkline.

Keywords:graph, curve, word size, view, data, embed, aspect ratio, stretch

Minimum Origin Version Required: 9.1 SR0