2.23 FAQ-437 Can Origin import certain columns from different Excel sheets?

Last Update: 10/5/2017

When you have multiple Excel files and want to import certain columns (for example, the 2nd column) from each file into a single Origin worksheet, use Multi-File Import Mode and Partial Import.

Note that for Origin 2018, partial import has been updated to give the user more control over which columns (and rows) to import. See Importing From Excel for more information.

Excel par imp composite.png

  1. Click File: Import:EXCEL(XLS, XLSX, XLSM)... then select multiple Excel files to open the impMSExcel dialog (Origin 2015 and 2016 use the impExcel dialog but the procedure is the same).
  2. Under Import Options section, Set the MultiFile (except 1st) Import Mode as Start New Columns for Each Sheet.
  3. Under Partial Import sub-section, select All for Partial Import, then specify how you would like the columns to be imported. For example, set both the From Column and to Column to 2 to import the 2nd column of each Excel sheet into one Origin worksheet.
  4. Click OK to import.

Keywords:Excel, partial import, multi-file import

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0