5.14 FAQ-353 What does the Recalculate drop-down in various dialogs do?

Last Update: 10/4/2018

The purpose of the Recalculate drop-down is for the user to decide if the result generated by the operation should be updated when the input data or parameters related to the operation are changed.

The drop-down has three choices:

  • None
  • Auto
  • Manual

The default setting for this drop-down is Manual. If the drop-down is set to None, then the output will not be "connected" to the source data and any changes to the source data will not result in an update of the result columns. There will also be no way to bring back the dialog to make changes to the analysis parameters. If the drop-down is set to Manual, which is the default, the output will not automatically update when the source data changes. You will have to manually initiate the update. If the drop-down is set to Auto, the results automatically update when source data changes.

The Result sheet as well as your graph will have a green lock symbol. If the source data changes and the operation has been set to Manual, the lock will turn yellow, to indicate a recalculate is needed. You can click on the lock to Recalculate or Change Parameters. Note that result columns of data in a new sheet will all have a lock. Column with operation locks are Read Only and cannot be used as output of any other operation.

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