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5.34 FAQ-728 How to insert information variables such as current project path/name, active window name into the graph/worksheet?

Last Update: 8/27/2015

You can have the additional information: Active Window Name, Project Path, and Project Name shown on Info tab when the root folder is selected on the right panel of the Insert Variables dialog.

To add the information variable to Text Object
  1. Activate the Workbook or Graph window, add Text Object by using Text Tool Button Text Tool.png.
  2. Double click the text object to make it editable, right click to select Insert Info Variable to open the Insert Variables dialog. Select desired info variable(s) in left panel when the root folder is selected on the right panel, click Insert to insert the info into the Text Object.
    Active window2.png
  3. Click elsewhere to quit in-place edit mode, the added content will be shown similar to this:
    Active window3.png
  4. When the information variable changed, you can activate the window, click F5 to update the information in the text object.

To insert multiple info variables in multiple lines, make sure Start New Line for Each Insert checkbox is checked before each insert.

To add the information variable in Worksheet Cell

Activate the column, Select Column: Set Column Values to open the Set Values dialog, click Variable: Add Info Variable to open the Insert Variables dialog, then, you can follows the Step 2,3 in the above section to insert information variable in the cell.

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