5.30 FAQ-710 Why is my OPJ file so large and Origin taking up my computer's full CPU?

Last Update: 4/14/2015

If you are experiencing any of these problems:

  • When you are working with a specific Origin project file (OPJ), Origin occupies the computer's full CPU.
  • The size of an OPJ is unreasonably large.
  • When you click the yellow Recalculate toolbar button, recalculation fails and the button turns red.

These problems may be caused by pending operations. To solve this problem, perform the steps below to delete the pending operations.

Open the specific OPJ, then open the Script Window (Window:Script Window), type in the following script, and then press ENTER. Origin will list the operations in the Script Window. (Pending operations are operations without input and output)

list op;

Then type the following script (and press ENTER) to delete these pending operations and resolve the OPJ problems.

delete -op;

Keywords:large OPJ, full CPU, Recalculate fails

Minimum Origin Version Required: 8.5.1