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5.22 FAQ-456 How do I export the whole worksheet as an image file or a PDF file?

Last Update: 7/31/2018

To Export as an Image File

To export the whole worksheet as an image file, select File: Export: As Image File from the Origin menu when the worksheet is active.

This opens the expWks X-Function dialog. This dialog is identical to the Export Graph dialog with the addition of an Export Area control.

In the dialog, select the type for the exported file from the Image Type drop-down list.

Then expand the Export Settings branch and select Whole with the Export Area drop-down list. (This option also supports exporting only the Visible area of a worksheet or only the area including your Selection.)

Note that you can set a desired width for the output, and height is automatically set maintaining aspect ratio.

Groups of cells in the worksheet can be arbitrarily merged for placing graphs, images, report tables, and text, allowing creation of custom report sheets.

This custom report creation ability combined with the ability to arbitrarily set the width of the worksheet export file allows for creation of presentations including large posters.

To Export as a Multipage PDF File

To export the whole worksheet as a PDF file, select File: Export: As Multipage PDF File from the Origin menu when the worksheet is active.

This opens the expPDFw X-Function dialog.

The Image Settings: Multiple Pages branch includes options for adding a Cover Page and Page Numbering.

If you leave Use Worksheet's Own Settings checked, then the output will look the same as the view in File: Print Preview. This View can be controlled by selecting File: Print and clicking the Options button to edit Print Options. Click OK out of the Option dialog, then Cancel out of the Print dialog.

If you uncheck Use Worksheet's Own Settings, then you choose what to display using the same controls as found in Print Options.

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