5.68 FAQ-955 What do I do when a dialog is too tall for my screen?


Last Update: 3/6/2019

On some computers with lower resolution (e.g. 1920 X 1080), you may find a dialog box is too tall or too big to show the whole dialog page in one monitor.

Plot Details dialog

If the dialog is too tall to click the buttons at the bottom, which often happens to the Plot Details dialog, please upgrade your Origin to version 2019 or later.
We improved the dialog size in Origin 2019. Right now, the dialog will auto resize to fit the active tab's smallest possible size. If the active tab is too large, you can switch to another tab with fewer options, like Drop Lines tab. The dialog is auto "shrunk" so you can click “OK” or “Apply”.

Expandable dialog such as "Plot Setup"

If the dialog has multiple panels and expanding all panels makes the dialog too big, like Nonlinear Curve Fit dialog and Plot Setup dialog, please collapse one or two panels so you can reach the bottom buttons or drag to resize the dialog.
Refer to this quick help to see how to resize multipanel dialogs.

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