8.8.3 Inserting Tables in Graphs

You can copy a range of worksheet values -- including values from an Analysis Report Sheet -- and paste the data into an Origin graph. The embedded table may be formatted for presentation and publication purposes.

  • A group of cells from any worksheet, including cells from report tables in an analysis report sheet, can be copied and pasted into a graph as a table.
  • Non-contiguous data may be selected by using the CTRL key while selecting cells with your mouse.
  • Table contents are dynamically linked to the source data. Changes to the source data will register in the embedded table.
  • The table contents can be formatted using the Style and Format toolbar buttons.
  • You can insert multiple tables into the graph window.

To embed a table in a graph

  1. Select cells in worksheet or Analysis Report Sheets by clicking and dragging with the mouse, then press CTRL-C to copy the table to the Clipboard. To select non-contiguous cells, press the CTRL key while dragging. To copy an entire report table (from an Analysis Report Sheet), right-click on the table and choose Copy Table.
  2. To paste the table, click on the target graph or layout page and press CTRL-V or right-click and select Paste, Paste Link or Paste Link Transpose.
    Inserting Tables in Graphs-01.png

Editing existing tables

  1. To edit an embedded table, double-click on the table. This puts the table into edit mode:
  • Copy values from your worksheet or Analysis Report Sheet and Paste or Paste Link data into the table.
  • To copy a range of worksheet values, including column label row information, see the GIF below.
  • Cells in the table can now be selected and the Format and Style toolbars can be used to change the text font, foreground and background colors, increase the grid line weight, etc.
Past link Table to Graph.gif