6.12.3 3D Scatter Plot with Line Projections of Core Drilling Locations


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This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a 3D scatter plot and show the projections of the plots.

3D Scatter FinalGraph.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2015 SR0


This tutorial is associated with the Tutorial Data.opj file under <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\.

  1. Open the Tutorial Data.opj file and browse to the folder 3D Scatter with Line Projections, activate the workbook 3DScatterPlot.
  2. Activate the The_First_Curve_of_3D_Scatter worksheet. The column designation for the three columns is already set as XYZ so you could directly create a 3D scatter plot. Highlight column C and select Plot > 3D: 3D Scatter to create the plot.
  3. Activate The Second Curve of 3D Scatter worksheet. Highlight column C. Move the mouse cursor to the right edge of the selection area until the shape of the cursor changes to DragAndDrop.png. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the highlighted data into the newly created graph window. The resulting graph should appear as shown below:
    3D Scatter FirstGraph.png
  4. Double-click on the Z axis to open the Axis dialog, go to the Scale tab with Z icon on left panel selected and reverse the Z axis by exchanging From and To values.
    3D Scatter Z.png
  5. Click OK to close dialog. Select Format: Layer from the main menu to open the Plot Details dialog. Alternatively you can double-click on the plot to bring up the dialog. If the left panel is not visible, use the Plot Details Expansion.png button on the bottom left of the dialog box to open it up. Expand the Layer1 node. Choose the first plot and select All Together from the Edit Dependencies page. This applies the same settings to the original data and all the projections.
    3D Scatter FirstPlot.png
  6. Expand the first plot node and select Original and XY/XY/YZ Projection check box.
  7. Set the dialog options to those shown in the screenshot below. To set the color, click on the Color button and choose the desired option from the Individual Color drop down. Since the All Together radio button was selected in the previous step, these settings automatically apply to the projections as well.
    3D Scatter FirstPlot Line.png
  8. Select the Symbol tab and change the Shape to Cube:
    3D Scatter FirstPlot Symbol.png
  9. In a similar fashion, select the second plot and set the dialog options to match those in the screenshots below:
    3D Scatter 2Plot.png
    3D Scatter 2Plot Line.png
    3D Scatter 2Plot Symbol.png
  10. The final graph should appear as shown below:
    3D Scatter FinalGraph.png