The (Plot Details) Contour Labels Tab

This tab provides controls for customizing the format of the contour labels. To control the display of level labels in your contour graph, go to the Color Map/Contours Tab.

PD Contour Label Tab.png

To control the display and format of the color scale level labels for color-filled graph, you need go to the Color Scale Control dialog.


Select a font from this drop-down list. Note that the default selection is controlled with the Default drop-down list on the Text Fonts tab of the Options dialog box.


Select a color for contour label text.


Type or select a size in this combination box. The size is in units of points.

White Out

Select this check box to display a white background behind each data label value.

Accent Buttons

Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons are provided.
Plot Details Accent Buttons.PNG

Numeric Formats


Specify the display format for the color map and contour levels from this drop-down list. Select between decimal, engineering, and scientific display. If you select one of the decimal formats, Origin uses a threshold for conversion to scientific notation. This threshold is controlled on the Numeric Format tab of the Options dialog box (Preferences: Options).

Divide by Factor

Type a value in this text box and all the color map and contour levels will be divided by this amount.

Decimal Places

Select this radio button to control the display of the number of digits after the decimal place. Select the desired value from the associated list box.

Significant Digits

Select this radio button to control the number of digits displayed. Select the desired value from the associated list box.


Type a value in one of these text boxes to append to the color map and contour level labels in the associated text boxes. These text boxes display in the graph. They do not, however, display in the level list on the Color Map/Contours tab. When typing value into one of these text boxes, you can use special formatting commands (referred to as "escape sequences") to control the font style (for example, superscript, subscript, and bold).

Labeling Criteria

The Min. Area (%) combination box can be used to set a percent value such that only contours that have a fraction of the total area larger than the set value will have a label associated with them.