8.11.1 Labeling Data Points

The Text tool and the Annotation tool available from the Tools toolbar can be used to add specific labels to a plot. In addition to these tools, Origin provides the methods described below:

Label tab of the Plot Details dialog

You can use the Label tab of the Plot Details dialog to add labels to all points of a data plot. This Label tab can be found on the right side of the Plot Details dialog when a data plot icon is selected on the left panel.

To add labels for a data plot:

  1. Double-click on the data plot you want to label.
  2. On the Plot Details dialog that opens, make sure the data plot icon is selected on the left side of the dialog and go to the Label tab on the right side of the dialog.
  3. Select the Enable check box.
  4. Use the Label Form list with the Numeric Display Format and Format String to construct your label.
  5. Customize other settings as needed (font, color, rotation, offsets, position, auto-reposition, leader lines, etc) using Label tab controls; or close the Plot Details dialog and customize labels using available toolbar buttons on the Style and Format toolbars.

You can customize a single data label in your graph by pressing CTRL and clicking on the label. Use Format toolbar buttons to customize your label. See this topic for details.

For help with specific Label tab controls, see:

Label data using Labels column

Values in both Origin and Excel worksheet columns can be used to label data points in a graph. This is an older method and is mainly provided for backward compatibility; unless you are working with older Origin projects which use this feature, you should use the labeling method described above.

To use values in an Origin worksheet column as labels while plotting, the column containing the label values must be:

  1. Designated as a Label column.
  2. Located to the right of the Y column to be labeled (a row-by-row association is created). If more than one Y column is selected, Origin applies the labels to the nearest Y column to the left of the label column.

To use values in an Excel worksheet column as labels, use the Select Data for Plotting dialog box.