The Goal Page

The Goal page is the first page of the Fitting Function Builder, which allows you to choose a goal for the Fitting Function Builder. You can choose to create or edit a User-defined fitting function in this page. When different goal has been selected, the following pages of the builder will have minor differences.

Dialog Box Controls

Create a New Function Select the goal to create a new function. The function will be under the User Files Folder\ fitfunc folder.
Edit a User-defined Function Select this goal to edit a user-defined function. If there are user-defined functions under the User Files Folder\ fitfunc folder, the tool will generate a drop-down list with all the available user-defined function as options below the Edit a User-defined Function to allow you select one of them to edit. If there is no user-defined function in the folder, it will through a message to remind you that No User-defined functions found! Please create one first.