The Derived Parameters

This page offers options to define derived parameters, which are additional parameters to be computed from the function parameter values. This page is optional, so you can directly click the Next button to go to the next page to perform other settings. And please note that you can also specify these values in the Nonlinear Fitter dialog during the fitting session.

Dialog Box Controls

Derived Group Offer options to allow you specify the Meaning and Unit for each derived parameter. It contains the following columns:
  • Name
    List names of all derived parameters.
  • Meaning
    Optionally specify the meanings for the derived parameters.
  • Unit
    Optionally specify the units for the derived parameters.
Derived Parameters Equations Allow you to input derived parameters equations here. The following is an example about how to write derived parameters equations. Assuming that a function parameter named w exists; you can define two additional derived parameters as follows:
sigma = w/2;
FWHM = sqrt(2*ln(2))*w;