29.9.21 Scatter Matrix Graph

A scatter matrix is a pair-wise scatter plot of several variables presented in a matrix format. It can be used to determine whether the variables are correlated and whether the correlation is positive or negative.

Scatter matrix.png

Data Requirements

At least two worksheet columns(or a range from at least two columns).

Creating the Graph

To create a Scatter Matrix:

  1. Highlight at least two worksheet columns(or a range from at least two columns).
  2. Select Plot > Statistical : Scatter Matrix.
Click the Scatter Matrix button on the 2D Graphs toolbar.

Each selected column or range is plotted against every other selected column or range as a Scatter graph. All layers are presented as a matrix in a graph.

2d graphs scatter matrix.png


BOXMATRIX.OTP (installed to the Origin program folder)


  • Selecting N datasets or ranges will result in N^2-N graphs and an even larger number of datasets. Selecting a large number of datasets or ranges may increase computation times dramatically and produce increasingly smaller graphs.
  • The Scatter Matrix is created using the plot_matrix dialog box. For information on creating and customizing the Scatter Matrix, see Scatter Matrices.
  • When creating or modifying the scatter matrix, you have the option of performing a linear fit and outputting adjusted R-square and/or Pearson's r statistics to a new worksheet named as ScatterMatrixStatsN. Additionally, statistics are pasted as text labels, to each plot in the scatter matrix. For information, see Scatter Matrices.