29.9.32 Ridgeline Chart

Ridgeline Chart 01.png

Data Requirements

Select at least one Y column.

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu, select Plot > Statistical: Ridgeline Chart


ridgeline.OTPU(installed to the Origin program folder).


Ridgeline chart is used to to visualize the distribution of several numeric variables, simply a set of many density plots which are stacked in the Y direction. There is a saying that Ridgeline chart is similar with Half Violin plot but exchanged its X and Y axis.

Origin supports four types of Ridgeline chart:

  • Distribution Curve
    Only show the distribution curve. But you can change the curve type and fill pattern.
  • Distribution Curve with Data Points
    You can decide where the data points shows, on the curve or under the curve.
  • Distribution Curve with Rug
    Show rug under the curve. It is a set of Distribution + Rug graph.
  • Single Block Bar
    A set of histograms.

To customize a Ridgeline chart, you can go to