29.9.9 Histogram + Rug/Distribution + Rug Graph

Histogram + Rug
Distribution + Rug
Histogram Rug Graph.png Distribution Rug Graph.png

Data Requirements

Select one or more columns (or a range from one or more columns).

Creating the Graph

  1. Select required data.
  2. From the menu, select Plot > Statistical: Histogram + Rug/Distribution + Rug .


Histogram + Rug: HistogramRug.otp (installed to the Origin program folder.) Distribution + Rug: DensityRug.otp (installed to the Origin program folder.)


  1. The basic idea of rug is that project the data points onto an axes and represent it as thin lines beside the axes.
  2. This rug representation is not a density plot, it just projects each point to the axes with a thin line. Thus, there is not bandwidth in the rug representation.
  3. If the X/Y direction has duplicate values, the rug lines will be overlapped.
  4. You can double-click on the rug panel to open the Rug tab of Axis dialog to check the detailed settings for this kind of graphs.