2.2.3 X-Functions for Worksheet

Name Brief Example
colcopy Copy columns with format & headers.
coldesig Set plot designation of columns
colint Set Sampling Interval (Implicit X) for selected Y columns. Example
colhide Hide/Unhide the specified column(s)
colmask Masking of cells based on conditions. Example
colmove Move selected columns. Example
colreverse Reorder a range of row in column(s).
colshowx Show X column (extract Sampling Interval) for the selected Y column(s). Example
colslideshow View a slide show of all the graphs that depend on specified columns.
colsplit Split column(s) into multiple columns by row index grouping.
colswap Swap the position of two selected columns Example
filltext Fill the cell in the specified range with random letters.
getresults Get the result tree.
insertArrow Insert arrow. Example
insertGraph Insert a graph into a worksheet cell.
insertImg Insert images from files.
insertNotes Embed a Notes page into a worksheet cell. Example
insertSparklines Insert sparklines into worksheet cells.
insertVar Insert Variables into cells.
merge_book Merge the workbooks to a new workbook.
patternD Set column value for the selected column with date/time patterned data. Example
patternN Set column value for the selected column with numeric patterned data. Example
patternT Set column value for the selected column with arbitrary string patterned data. Example
sparklines Add thumbnail size plots of each Y column above the data. Example
updateEmbedGraphs Update the embedded Graphs in the worksheet.
updateSparklines Update sparklines.
w2vm Create a virtual matrix from worksheet data.
w2xyz Convert columns of data into XYZ form. Example
wAppend Append multiple worksheets into a single worksheet
wautofill Worksheet selection auto fill.
wautosize Resize the worksheet by the column maximal string length.
wcellcolor Set cell(s) color to fill color or set the selected character font color to Font color. Example
wcellformat Format the selected cells. Example
wcellgraph Modify properties of embedded graphs in the worksheet. Example
wcellmask Set cell(s) mask in specified range. Example
wcellsel Select cell(s) with specified condition.
wclear Clear Worksheet with no option to Undo.
wcolwidth Update the width of columns in worksheet.
wcopy Create a copy of the specified worksheet.
wdeldup Remove rows in a worksheet based on duplications in one column. Example
wdelrows Delete worksheet rows Example
wextract Use LabTalk condition expression to mask or extract desired data from the active worksheet. Example
wjoinbycol Join multiple worksheets into a single worksheet by matching columns. Example
wjoinbylabel Join multiple worksheets into a single worksheet by matching label row.
wkeepdup Hold rows in a worksheet based on duplications in one column.
wks_update_link_table Update the contents in the worksheet to the linked table on graph. Example
wks_to_wiki_table Output Worksheet As Wiki Table
wmergexy Copy XY data from one worksheet to another and merge mismatching X by inserting empty rows when needed. Example
wmove_sheet Move the specified worksheet to the destination workbook. Example
wmvsn Reset short names for all columns in worksheet. Example
wproperties Get or set the worksheet property through a tree from script.
wrcopy Worksheet Range Copy with options to copy labels. Example
wreducerows Reduce worksheet rows by deleting or merging. Example
wreducecols Reduce worksheet columns by deleting or merging. Example
wreplace Find and replace cell value in a worksheet. Example
wrow2label Set Label Value.
wrowheight Set row(s) height.
wrowhide Hide or unhide selected rows
wselcol Select/Hide columns.
wsort Sort an entire worksheet or selected columns. Example
wsplit Split one worksheet's columns into multiple worksheets.
wsplit_book Split specific workbooks into multiple workbooks with single sheet.
wstackcol Stack data from multiple columns into one column with grouping.
wstacksheets In the active workbook, stack one or more columns common to multiple sheets by label, into one sheet with grouping.
wtranspose Transpose the active worksheet. Example
wunstackcol Unstack grouped data into multiple columns.
wxt Worksheet Extraction. Example