2.10 Plotting

Origin provides a collection of Plotting X-Functions

Name Brief Example
plot_group Create a multiple-panel graph by specified grouping information
plotbylabel Plot a multiple-layers graph by grouping on column labels Examples
plot_durov Create a Durov plot
plotgboxraw Plot a grouped box plot from raw data Examples
plotgroup Plot by page group, layer group, and data group. Examples
plot_gfloatbar Plot grouped floating bar chart.
plotm Used to Make 3D (Parametric) Function Plots from existing Matrix objects Examples
plotmatrix Plot scatter graphs of all selected datasets - each as X against each as Y - arrayed in matrix form. Examples
plotms Plot color fill surfaces or colormap surfaces for all matrix objects in the specified matrix sheet. Examples
plotmyaxes Customize Multi-Axes plot Examples
plot_network Create a Network Plot
plotpiper Create a piper plot or add data to it an existing plot.
plotstack Plot stacked graph Examples
plotstiff Create a Stiff Diagram
plotvm Plot 3D or Contour graph from a range of cells in worksheet as a virtual matrix. Examples
plotxy Plot XY data with specific properties. Examples
plotxyz Plot XYZ data as 3D plot with specific properties. Examples
plot_transpose_donut Plot Doughnut with Total Wedges = 100
plot_chord Plot Chord graph
plot_marginal Plot different kinds of Marginal Plots.