2.10 Plotting

Origin provides a collection of Plotting X-Functions

Name Brief Example
plot_group Create a multiple-panel graph by specified grouping information
plotbylabel Plot a multiple-layers graph by grouping on column labels Examples
plotgboxraw Plot a grouped box plot from raw data Examples
plotgroup Plot by page group, layer group, and data group. Examples
plotm Used to Make 3D (Parametric) Function Plots from existing Matrix objects Examples
plotmatrix Plot scatter graphs of all selected datasets - each as X against each as Y - arrayed in matrix form. Examples
plotms Plot color fill surfaces or colormap surfaces for all matrix objects in the specified matrix sheet. Examples
plotmyaxes Customize Multi-Axes plot Examples
plotpiper Create a piper plot or add data to it an existing plot.
plotstack Plot stacked graph Examples
plotvm Plot 3D or Contour graph from a range of cells in worksheet as a virtual matrix. Examples
plotxy Plot XY data with specific properties. Examples
plotxyz Plot XYZ data as 3D plot with specific properties. Examples
plot_transpose_donut Plot Doughnut with Total Wedges = 100