29.7.8 Trellis

Trellis graph 01.png

Data Requirements

You need to have at least one Y column as input data. Optionally, you can have an additional associated Y error column for each Y column. Other column(s) provides grouping information.

Creating the Graph

Open the plot_group dialog by one of three methods:

  • Select Plot > Categorical: Trellis Plot menu items
  • Click the Trellis button.png button in the 2D Graphs toolbar
    Trellis graph 02.png

In the dialog that opens, select the input data range. Add at least one group column in either direction and determine where to color-map the data. You can then generate a trellis plot.

You can refer to the section below for the detailed dialog controls:

The plot_group Dialog Box

Trellis 01.png

Input This branch is used to specify the input data.
Plot Type Specify the plot type of trellis.
Double-Y Axes This box is not used the standard trellis plot. See this page for information on the Double Y Trellis.
Variable for Separate Panels This branch is used to specify the grouping information. Each direction includes a display box and a toolbar with five buttons Group List Toolbar.png:
  • Display Box
    The group range(s) selected using Add button will display in this box. The first selected group ranges will be set set primary categorization and form the bottom line of the column plot's group table; the secondary groups selected would continue grouping based on the primary categorization and forming the second layer of the group table, and so forth.
  • Add button Button Group List Add.png
    Click this button then choose a column from menu; or click Select Columns to open the Column Browser and add column(s) to the Display Box as grouping range(s). You can add up to 5 grouping ranges.
  • Remove button Button Group List Remove.png
    Remove the selected data range(s) from the Display Box. This button is available when you select one or more data ranges in the Group Column(s) box.
  • Move Up button Button Group List Move Up.png
    Move the selected data range(s) up in the Display Box. This changes the grouping sequence.
  • Move Down button Button Group List Move Down.png
    Move the selected data range(s) down in the Display Box. This changes the grouping sequence.
  • Select All button Button Group List Select All.png
    Select all data range(s) down in the Group Column(s).
Variable to Color Data Points Specify the column used to color-map the plot.
Graph Template Specify the template used to create the group plot.


grouped.otp (installed to the EXE folder of Origin)


  • Refer to this page for more details of creating and customizing a trellis plot.
  • To sort the grouping range (this would be the "Country Name" variable in the above example) by something other than the default alphabetical order, select the column, right-click and choose Set as Categorical and modify the list order in the Categories tab.