29.18.7 Split Heatmap

Appendix Split Heatmap.png

Data Requirements

  • Worksheet: Select XY columns or XYZ columns (full or subrange); or a virtual matrix.


  • Matrix: A matrix of Z values.

Creating the Graph

  1. Activate the matrixsheet or select required data from worksheet.
  2. From the menu choose Plot > Contour: Split Heatmap.
  3. If plotting from a virtual matrix, in the plotvm dialog box that opens, set the Y values in drop-down, Column Label source (if needed) and set X Values in. Determine what you want for axis titles and click OK.




  • This plot is most easily created from a virtual matrix. The plotvm dialog box allows you to specify a column label row to be used in labelling each horizontal "bar" in the plot.
  • Data in the X column must be monotonic.
  • To modify spacing between "bars", activate the graph and choose Format: Plot. Click the Spacing tab and adjust the Gap Between Cells in Y Direction slider.
  • To see how the plot depicted above is made, press F11 to open the Learning Center and search for "heatmap".
  • This plot type shares controls with the standard Heatmap and the Heatmap with Labels.