27.15.5 Heatmap

Heat Map-01.png

Data Requirements

  • Worksheet: virtual matrix


  • Matrix: A matrix of Z values.

Creating the Graph

Activate the matrix sheet or select required data from worksheet.

From the menu, choose Plot > 2D: Contour: Heatmap.


Click the Heatmap button on the 3D and Contour Graphs toolbar.

Heat Map-02.png



(Installed to the Origin program folder).


This graph is based on the contour plot but has some differences:

  • On the graph's Plot Details Colormap/Contours tab, Fill to Grid Lines is enabled by default; No contour lines are drawn.
  • Ticks are centered on the block. No minor ticks are shown.
  • When plotting from a virtual matrix, the number of major ticks on the x axis will equal the number of rows; the number of major ticks on the y axis will equal the number of columns.
  • By default, the heatmap plots using the Thermometer palette for the Colormap Fill. Missing values use a deeper blue color than the color for 0.