25.5 R Console and Rserve Console

There are 3 different ways to run R in Origin - two GUI-based and one requiring LabTalk scripting:

Origin's built-in R Console allows Origin users to issue R commands from within the Origin environment, and transfer data between the two applications either using a dialog interface, or by using commands. The R Console requires both Origin and R to be installed on the same computer. To obtain the R package, visit the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) and follow instructions on that site for download and installation.

Additionally, it may be helpful to know:

  • Origin and R bit-versions must match (e.g. 64-bit Origin will not work with 32-bit R).
  • It does not matter where the R package is installed locally as Origin uses the registry to locate R.

The functionality of Rserve Console is very similar to the R Console. It supports R commands and data transfer as well. However, the Rserve Console does not require both Origin and R to be installed on the same computer. Origin is installed on the client side, and R is installed on the server side and the two communicate using the Rserve package:

  • The Rserve package can be downloaded here.
  • The procedure for configuring Origin to communicate with R via Rserve is described here.

Topics covered in this section: