Plot Setup: Plot List (Bottom) Panel

The bottom panel of Plot Setup lists data plots in the graph. Use controls to add, remove or replace the data plots; edit plot display range; group or ungroup data plots; or reorder data plots.

Plot-setup bottom panel annotated.png

Adding data plots to the graph

After selecting the data columns in the middle panel, you can select a layer in the bottom panel and then click the Add button to add data plots to the layer.

Replacing existing plots

To replace an existing plot:

  1. Select the data plot in the bottom panel.
  2. The current plot type and data columns are highlighted in the middle panel. Make changes in the middle panel as you need. For example, you can change the plot type, plotting designations for the columns, etc.
  3. Click the Replace button on the bottom panel.

Note: If the selected plot is grouped with other plots, the plot type change will be applied on all the plots in this group, but not for the designation changes.

Editing the Display Range

In the bottom panel of Plot Setup dialog, you can alter the display range of a data plot:

  1. Click in the Range column of a data plot, the Plotsetup dialog button 2.png button will be activated. Then click this button to open the Range dialog box.
    Plotsetup dialog step 5.png
  2. Clear the Auto check boxes (if they are selected) and edit the From and To values, as needed. Click OK to close the dialog after making the changes.
    Plotsetup dialog step 6.png
  3. If you want to apply this range setting to all the plots in the same group, you can right-click on the plot with the altered range and select Apply Range to Group from the short-cut menu.
    Plotsetup dialog step 10.png
    The ranges of all plots in this group should be changed.
    Plotsetup dialog step 11.png

Origin also allows you to apply a range to all data plots in the current layer or page using the same context menu.

Grouping or Ungrouping the Data Plots

You can manually group or ungroup data plots using the Plot Setup dialog box.

Plotsetup dialog step 7.png Plotsetup dialog step 8.png
Ungrouping Gouping

Reordering the plot list

You can reorder the list by dragging member plots.

Plotsetup dialog step 4.png

Previewing the current graph

Clicking the Preview button will open a Preview dialog to show the current plots in graph and the template being used.

Plotsetup dialog step 20.png

Please note that only when you use the user-defined graph templates saved in Template Library to plot graph , the template image and the Show Active Layer Only check box will show in the Preview dialog.

With the Show Active Layer Only check box checked, you are allowed to switch the layers by clicking the layer icon at the left-top corner of the Preview panel. When you switch the layers, the Template panel will follow the changes.