The (Object Properties) Fill tab

Object Properties Fill tab.png

In the Fill tab, you can specify the fill Color, Pattern and Transparecy for the shape object.

Check this the Set as Default checkbox to apply this tab settings to the currently selected object and to all future objects of the same type.

Note 1: The Transparecy control is the same one in Border tab, and they share the same value.

When you change the transparecy percentage for the fill, the border will be applied to the same transparecy percentage, and vice versa.

Note 2: To Win98 and ME users:Occasionally, when copying and pasting a graph containing drawing objects, fill patterns will not be copied to the receiving application (e.g. MS Word). When this occurs, you may be able to correct the problem by doing the following :
  1. Save and close your Origin project file.
  2. Open the Script Window and type the following:
    @ce=1 <Enter>
  3. Reopen the project file.
  4. Re-copy and paste the Origin graph into the target application.

Fill patterns should be reproduced correctly in the target application.