Bounds Tab (Upper Panel)

NLFit Bounds tab.png

Use this tab to set lower and upper bounds for parameters. For each parameter, enter bound values in the Lower Bounds and Upper Bounds columns, and set the operator in the < or <= column. Double-click a cell to toggle between "<", "<=" and blank.

You can also specify the bounds when defining a new fitting function using the Fitting Function Organizer or Fitting Function Builder. Note that bounds set in dialog Themes have priority over the settings in the function definition file (FDF); when bound settings exist in both the loaded Theme file and the FDF file, Origin will use the values in the Theme. See The Fitting Function Organizer dialog box and Fitting with Themes for more details.

Note that Origin 2022b and later support use of named ranges in place of numeric values for Lower Bounds and Upper Bounds. For more information, see this OriginLab blog post on Name Range for Fitting Parameters.

For information on the Auto Parameter Initialization check box, the Hide button, and the context menus which appear when you right-click on column titles or the tab title, please see the Parameters Tab page.

For other important peak-fitting related details, please see the Peak Fit Parameters Dialog page in the Peak Analyzer category.