Inserting Variables Extracted from Imported ASCII Files into Text Labels

By Insert: Info Variable dialog

Metadata extracted from ASCII file header lines can be inserted into a text label in the following way:

  1. Create a new text label using standard "in-place" text label creation methods.
  2. While in text entry mode, press CTRL + H, or right-click and select Insert: Info Variable. This opens the Insert Variables dialog box. Variables are extracted and stored in different levels (book, sheet and column). Select the corresponding level to insert desired variables. Take /Samples/Import and Export/S15-125-03.dat for example. At the book level, you can insert variables:
Inserting Variables 01.png
At the sheet level, you can insert variables:
Inserting Variables 02.png
At the column level, you can insert variables in the column label rows:
Inserting Variables 03.png

The Insert Info Variables dialog box will list variables extracted during ASCII file import. You can choose and insert variables in three ways:

Literal Text

If you do not select either the Insert as Link or the Insert as "Property = Value" check boxes, the value of the variable will be inserted as literal text.

Inserting Variables 3.png
Insert as link Select this box to insert a string that is dynamically linked to the value of a variable. Any change in a string's value will produce a change in the label value when the file is next imported. This option combines with Substitution Notation and Text Label Options allows you to display label in a flexible way. To learn more, see Linking Text Labels to Data and Variables.
Insert as "Property = Value"

Select this box to insert "variable name = value" into the text label .

Inserting Variables 4.png

Metadata variables can be listed in the Script Window by typing the command:


In addition to incorporating them into text labels, you can use these variables as input in some X-Functions, including in dialog boxes. You can also view worksheet metadata by right-clicking in the gray area to the right of the worksheet columns and choosing Show Organizer. Expand the page.info branch and look for USER.VARIABLES. These will be listed in the pane to the right. Right-click on a variable name to Copy Node Path and paste to the appropriate field in an X-Function dialog box.

By Workbook Organizer

Metadata extracted from ASCII file header lines can be viewed and copied in the Workbook Organizer. You can copy and paste metadata in the following way:

  1. Click the Show/Hide Organizer button Show Hide Organizer.png in the bottom-left corner of the workbook window.
  2. Right click on the desired variable content edit box, or non-editable blue text, or variable name, and select Copy Node Path.
  3. Go to the target column label cell, or a worksheet cell, or a text object on the graph or worksheet, right click and select Paste Link.
Worksheet Organizer Copy Header Info.gif