2.8 Mathematics

Origin provides a collection of Mathematics X-Functions

Name Brief Example
avecurves Average or concatenate multiple curves Examples
averagexy Average or concatenate multiple curves or X,Y data pairs. Examples
bspline Perform cubic B-Spline interpolation and extrapolation Examples
cnormalize Normalize the curve(s) one by one Examples
csetvalue Run the defined script and apply the formula (expression) to the specified column Examples
differentiate Calculate derivative of the input data Examples
filter2 Apply customized filter to a Matrix Examples
integ1 Perform integration on input data Examples
integ2 Calculate the volume beneath the matrix surface from zero panel. Examples
interp1 Interpolate/Extrapolate Y from X Examples
interp1q Perform linear interpolation and extrapolation Examples
interp1trace Perform trace/periodic interpolation on the data Examples
interp1xy Perform 1D interpolation/extrapolation on a group of XY data to generate a set of interpolated data with uniformly-spaced X values using 3 alternative methods. Examples
interp2 Perform 2D interpolation on a group of XYZ data to find Z at given XY values using 8 alternative methods.
interp3 Perform 3D interpolation Examples
interpxyz Perform interpolation on the XYZ data Examples
intersect Calculate X/Ycoordinates of intersection for two datasets. Examples
marea Calculate the area of the matrix surface Examples
mathtool Perform simple arithmetic on a curve. Examples
medianflt2 Apply median filter to a matrix
minterp2 2D Interpolate/Extrapolate on the matrix Examples
minverse Generate (pseudo) inverse of a matrix Examples
normalize Normalize the input data Examples
polyarea Calculate the area of enclosed plot regions
reflection Reflect a range of data to certain interval
rnormalize Normalize the input range column by column Examples
specialflt2 Apply predefined special filter to a matrix
sph2cart Convert spherical coordinate arrays to Cartesian coordinates
spline Perform spline interpolation and extrapolation Examples
vcmath1 Perform simple arithmetic on one complex number
vcmath2 Perform simple arithmetic on two complex numbers
vmathtool Perform simple arithmetic on input data Examples
vnormalize Normalize the input vector Examples
white_noise Add white (Gaussian) noise to data
xyzarea Calculate the area of the XYZ surface Examples