4.4.10 Stack Worksheets by Column Label

The Stack Worksheets tool (Restructure: Stack Worksheets, X-Function = wstacksheets) stacks one or more columns common to two or more sheets in the active workbook, to an output sheet by row identifier (e.g. Sheet Name).

OH wstacksheets dialog.png

Dialog Controls

Recalculate Specify the Recalculate Mode for this operation.
Input Workbook The active workbook. Otherwise, specify the Input Data.
Matching Label Row Common column label row element(s) used to stack data columns to Output Worksheet.
Common Label(s) Key names or text strings in Matching Label Row. Multiple labels should be space-separated. Enclose names or strings that contain spaces, with double-quotes.
Row Filter (optional) Filter stacked data using a LabTalk expression (e.g. col(A)>=100).
Dataset Identifier Specify how to identify source for each row of stacked output.
Insert Identifier Before Data Check this box to insert the Dataset Identifier in the first column; otherwise output to last column in Output Worksheet.
Skip Hidden Sheets Check this checkbox to exclude hidden sheet(s) in Input Workbook from stacking. You can hide a worksheet in the Navigate Worksheets dialog.
Output Worksheet Specify where to send data output. Default choices are to a new sheet <new> or new book [<new>].