21.3 NetCDF Visualizing

Changing the Color Scheme of a Matrix Window

When a matrix is active, you can use the Palette Button Palette.png button and the Missing Value Color Popup Background Color.png button to customize color of the matrix window.

NetCDF Visualizing 02.gif

Creating Graphs from NetCDF Data

Build-in Graph Types

Origin provides multiple build-in graph types for presenting NetCDF data. They are all available from the Plot menu

Graph Type Plot Menu Category
Contour: Contour - Color Fill, Contour - B/W Lines, Gray Scale Map Contour
Image Plot Contour
Surface: 3D Colormap Surface, 3D Colormap Surface with projection, 3D Color Fill Surface 3D
Multiple Surface: Multiple Colormap Surfaces, Multiple Color Fill Surfaces 3D

Recommended Tutorials for Further Graph Customization

The Climate template in Template Library

You can use the Climate template to plot the NetCDF data.

Select Plot: Template Library to open the dialog. Select Climate template and click Plot button.

NetCDF Climate Template.png

Contour plot in Sphere Surface Projections

Origin supports creating contour plots in spherical surface projections. Please refer to the tutorial below for detailed steps

NetCDF on Sphere Surface Projections 01.png

Flip Through Data by Graph Browser

After creating an image or contour graph, you can click the Graph Browser Popup Graph Browser.png button. The Browser Graph has a panel on the left-side of the window that is used to select the plots from the NetCDF matrix stack.

NetCDF Visualizing 04.gif

Insert map into the graph from NetCDF Data

There are several ways you can add map outlines in the contour or image from NetCDF Data. You can refer to this page.

  • You can use Insert: World Map to insert World map boundaries easily.

Insert map into image.png