29.13.2 Bullet Chart

Bullet Chart
Vertical Bullet Chart
Bullet Chart.png Bullet Chart 01.png
Normalized Bullet Chart
Bullet Chart 02.png

Data Requirements

Select at least 3 Y columns: 1st Y represents actual value, 2nd Y represents target value, the rest Ys represent qualitative ranges of performance.

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

Select Plot > Specialized : Bullet Chart/Vertical Bullet Chart/Normalized Bullet Chart.

When you selected the required data and chose the menu above, a dialog "Plotting: plotbullet" will be opened to allow you adjust the spacing between and around the layers.

Bullet Chart dialog.png


Bullet.otpu ; BulletVerti.otpu ; BulletNormal.otpu (installed in the Origin program folder)


  • Input could be XYY(YY...). First Y column should be current value, plotted as a thin bar; Second Y column should be plotted as a scatter plot, the symbol shape of which is vertical bar; Third and more Y columns are optional, plotted as incremental stack bar.
  • Plot Type order: Incremental Stack Bar --> Thin bar --> Scatter
  • Each row should be plotted as one layer, and each layer should be stacked as one column.
  • Vertical Bullet Chart plots bars as columns, and uses horizontal bar shape for symbol. Each layer should be stacked as one row.