6.11.3 Cropped Polar Plot with Custom Orientation


This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a cropped polar graph:

Polar Crop Steps11.png

This graph shows a polar scatter plot with a radian scale. The graph axes orientation is customized and the graph is also cropped to show a specific portion of it.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0

What You Will Learn

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • How to create a polar graph with radial axes
  • How to customize the polar graph, such rotate a polar graph and display tick labels as quarters
  • How to crop a polar graph


This tutorial is associated with the sample graph project "Cropped Polar Plot with Custom Orientation". You can open this project in Learning Center:

  • Select Help: Learning Center menu or press F11 key to open Learning Center.
  • Search and open the sample Polar Charts - Cropped Polar Plot with Custom Orientation under Graph Samples panel.

Create a Polar Graph and Customize the Axes

Activate the workbook Cropped Polar Plot with Custom Orientation. Highlight all the columns in Sheet 1 and choose Plot > Specialized: Symbol Θ r from the main menu to create a polar graph:

Polar Crop Steps1.png

Customize Axes in Axis Dialog

  1. As the anglar axes uses Degrees as Unit by default. We have to customize Angular Axes:
    • Double-click on the axis to open the Axis Dialog. Go to Scale tab and choose Angular in the left panel. Expand Units Definition node and set Units to Radians from the drop-down list. Change the Value option under Major Ticks to 0.25, Count under Minor Ticks to be 9.
      Polar Crop Steps3.png
    • To change the orientation of the plot, go to Show tab and make sure the Angular - Outer is selected in the left panel. Set Direction to Counter Clock-Wise and the Axis Start at(deg) to 270 as shown below:
      Polar Crop Steps2.png
    • Go to Tick Labels tab, set Display to Custom, Custom Format to #/#.
      Polar Crop Steps2a.png
    • Click Apply button to apply these settings.
  2. Let's customize the Radial Axes scale. Go to the Scale node and choose the Radial in the left panel. Change the To value to 5.01 (the 0.01 will show the last tick), Count option under Minor Ticks to 0.
    Polar Crop Steps4.png
  3. Then, we are going to add a Inner Radial Axis
    • In the Show tab, click on the Add a radial axis button on the top of the left panel. Then the Radial - Inner Axis 1 is added in the left panel.
    • To change the orientation of the new inner axis from vertical to horizontal, under Axis Position section, set the Reference as Clock Dial and the Clocks option as 3 O'Clock. Select the Negative radio button to shift the tick labels to the opposite side of the axis:
      Polar Crop Steps5.png
    • To add tick labels on Inner Axis 1, go to Tick Label tab, under Display subtab and select Tick-indexed string from the Type drop-down. Type 0A Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 in the Display edit box.
      Polar Crop Steps6.png
    • Go to the Format subtab and change the tick label format as below:
      Polar Crop Steps6b.png
    • Go to Special Ticks,set Axis Begin and Axis End to Hide.
      Polar Crop Steps6c.png
    • Click Apply to apply these settings.
  4. Go to Grids tab, set grid lines of Radial and Angular axis as below:
    Polar Crop Steps7a.png
    Click OK button to apply these settings.
  5. Drag-and-drop two outer radial axes to the postion of % of Radius = -40.
    Polar Crop Steps8.png

Customize Scatter Plot with Mini Toolbar

We are going to customize the scatter plot with mini toolbar.

  1. Click on one data point, in the popup mini toolbar, set the symbol shape.
    CropPolar 01.gif
  2. Click on the error bar, in the popup mini toolbar, only show the plus Y error bars and set its color.
    CropPolar 02.gif

Crop the Polar Graph

In Axis dialog, there is a button Crop... at the bottom. Clicking it will open a dailog which allows you to magnify and emphasize any particular section of the polar plot.

CroppedPolar 01.png

Select the Region You Want to Crop

Before cropping the polar graph, you can use the Rectangle tool Button Rectangle Tool.png to obtain the size and location data of the area of interest.

  1. Click the toolbar button Rectangle Tool Button Rectangle Tool.png and then draw a rectangle on the graph.
    CroppedPolar 02.png
  2. In order to see the graph clearly when adjusting the size of the rectangle, click on the rectangle, in the popup mini toolbar, click Transparency button to set Transparency to 60%.
    CroppedPolar 03.png
  3. Adjust the size and position of the rectangle. Once the rectangular area is ready, double-click it to open the Object Properties dialog box to get size and position data for the portion beneath the rectangle.
    CroppedPolar 04.png

Crop the Graph

  1. Double-click on any axis to open the Axis Dialog again. Click on the Crop... button to open the Miscellaneous dialog. Check the Enable box and enter the size and position values you gotten from the rectangle object.
    Polar Crop Steps9.png
  2. Click OK to exit this mini dialog. And click OK button to close the Axis dialog. The graph will now appear as shown below:
    Polar Crop Steps10.png
  3. As you can see, the area beneath the rectangle has been cropped out. Click on the rectangle object and delete it. Finally, you will get the graph below:
    Polar Crop Steps11.png