4.61 FAQ-872 Why can't I set column names in my script, e.g. using wks.addCol or wks.col.name?

Last Update: 9/25/2018

Starting with Origin 2017, workbooks support a simplified worksheet cell notation, similar to MS Excel. When this cell notation is turned on -- indicated by this icon in the upper-left corner of the workbook page Spreadsheet cell notation mode.png -- column Short Names are not editable and cannot be reordered even via LabTalk.

In Origin 2017, Origin 2018, and Origin 2018b, workbooks created with LabTalk commands like win -t or the X-Function newbook have this column naming restriction turned off by default. But, starting with Origin 2019, those workbooks will have the column naming restriction turned on by default. This is a behavioral change that LabTalk scripters should take notice of.

If you want this restriction turned off so you can change column short names in a workbook created by either the win -t command or the newbook X-Function, you should run the following line code (assuming the new book is active):

page.XLColName=0; // remove column short name restriction

If you need the same code to work on Origin versions prior to 2017, then you can insert this variation before your renaming code:

if(@v>=9.4) page.xlcolname=0;

If you are using Origin 2019 or later and want to make sure the column naming restriction is turned off for all calls to win -t or newbook without modifying each individual script, you can set the system variable @RCN=7 in the System Variables dialog.

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