4.4 FAQ-362 What is Code Builder?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

Code Builder is Origin's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building and debugging Origin code created in either LabTalk or Origin C. In addition to a workspace for editing multiple files with color coded syntax, Code Builder has Output, Watch, Local Variables, Call Stack, and LabTalk Console panels to assist in developing and debugging your code.

You can open Code Builder from the View menu or by clicking Alt+4. In some cases, Origin menu options run LabTalk code and you can automatically open Code Builder to the location in the source file where that menu executes. For example, hold down a Shift and Ctrl key while selecting the Plot: Statistics : Histogram menu option. Rather than executing, Origin will open the PLOT.OGS file in Code Builder at the [Histogram] section where the code begins.

See Tutorials on an Introduction to Origin C and Code Builder and The Code Builder Workspace.

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