4.69 FAQ-1138 Why is Origin Changing My Python Function Argument Separator to a Dot?

In Origin 2022b sr0 and earlier versions, if your Python function argument separators change to dot automatically by Origin, it's likely that you are using an operating system e.g. German Windows, etc. where the numeric decimal separator is "," or you manually have set the Separators in the Origin menu Preferences: Options: Numeric Format tab to "Separators = 1.000,0".

Under this circumstance, "," is viewed as the decimal separator by Origin. You need to use ";" as the function argument separator.

for example, this is the correct way to call a Python function:


No such issue in Origin 2022b Sr1 or later versions since Origin will auto convert , to ; after you type commas as function argument separator.

See also:

How can I use comma as decimal mark and use semicolon as function arguments separator in formula and script?

Last Update: 6/23/2022

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2022

Keywords:function argument seperator, comma, semicomma, dot