17.3.5 One-Sample Test for Variance (Pro Only)


This function performs a Chi-square test for variance at a given significance level, to determine whether or not a sample selected from a normal distribution could have a given hypothetical variance value.

Handling Missing Values

The missing values in the data range will be excluded in the analysis

Performing One-Sample Test for Variance

To perform a one-sample test for variance:

  1. Select Statistics: Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Test for Variance. This opens the OneSampleTestVar dialog box.
  2. Specify your Input Data, the Test Variance, and the Alternate Hypothesis.
  3. Upon clicking OK, an analysis report sheet is generated that lists the degrees of freedom, chi-square statistics, the associated p-value, and the test conclusion. In addition, you can produce confidence intervals for the sample variance, histogram and box chart.

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