17.3.8 Two-Sample Proportion Test (Pro Only)


In general, two-sample proportion testing looks at the proportional representation of two groups in a sample under study. For instance, we might be looking for differences in responses of males and females, to a new medication; or we might be interested in the attitudes of citizens who identify with one of two political parties, towards a piece of pending legislation.

In addition to hypothesis testing, Origin's two-sample proportions testing tool offers flexible data input (3 forms are supported), power analysis and two methods for calculation of confidence intervals.

Handling Missing Values

The missing values in the data range will be excluded in the analysis

From Origin 2015, missing values in the grouping range and the corresponding data values will be excluded in analysis. In the previous version, missing values in the grouping range will be considered as a group.

Performing Two Sample Proportion Test

  • Select Statistics: Hypothesis Testing: Two-Sample Proportion Test

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