27.7.1 The User Files Folder

The first time that you run Origin, you are presented with this dialog box in which you are asked to specify a default folder for saving your customized files -- the User Files Folder (UFF). You will always have a chance to save files to a different location, but this folder serves as a default location to store custom graph templates, themes, curve fitting functions, Origin Import Filter (OIF) files, etc. and must be writable given the User's login permissions.

The default location is a folder named Origin User Files created under current user's Documents folder.

The User Files Folder-1.png


  • The following folders and files are not in the User Files Folder: OCTemp file, AutoSave file, License file and shortcuts of Origin installing folder and Sample folder. You can check their paths in the System Path tab of Options dialog.
  • Origin's installation folder and its subfolders, or the User Files Folder for a different version of Origin, should not be used as User Files Folder.

The same User Files Folder can be shared among different machines. For example, one can use a USB stick as the User Files Folder. Then the User Files Folder can be used on any machine into which the USB stick is plugged. Note that this way of sharing Origin files is not recommended for people who are using Origin in a concurrent network. In such cases, a group folder should be used to share Origin files.

To open/get your current UFF,

  • Select Help: Open Folder: User Files Folder from main menu.
  • Choose Preferences: Options > System Path tab and locate the User Files Folder path.
  • Open the Script Window (Window: Script Window) and type "%Y=" and press <Enter>.
  • Run cd 1; in the Script Window.

How to Change the User Files Folder

If you decide to change the location of the User Files Folder, you can use the X-Function changeUFF. To run this X-Function:

  • Select menu item Preferences: Options to bring up the options dialog. In the System Path tab, select User Files Folder and click the Change button.


  • Execute command changeUFF -d;.
The User Files Folder-4.png

Then you can specify the new User Files Folder or browse a new folder as User Files Folder. You can also decide whether or not to copy all files from the original User Files Folder to the new one. To use the newly specified User Files Folder, restart Origin.

In some situation, you don't want to copy all files, but just some files, from the original User Files Folder to the new one, you can un-check the Copy All Files From Original check-box. After restarting Origin to use the new User Files Folder, you can use the Transfer User Files tool to transfer the desired files to the new User Files Folder.

You can also use the command del -path; to reset the User Files Folder, but this is not recommended.